Friday, July 27, 2012


I'm back :)
Been in some nice place for 5 days, and as nice as it was, I started missing my home on the 2nd day of my stay there.
Well, the first day was kind of terrible. I got a scald burn on my hand, not going to tell you how anyway, it's just because of my stupidity.
The subsequent 3 days were much better: walking, swimming, breathing the fresh air of the pinery, sunbathing. Ahh TAN. This is what I needed this year.
And the journey ended the way it started: terrible. I guess I ate some bad food and felt sick the whole day. There's nothing worse than feeling sick when you're away from home.
Now I'm here, I'm home, surfing the Internet, writing a post for my blog, breathing the stuffy air of my town, and you know what? I feel even greater than I did there.

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