Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A very special birthday

I have a lot of favourite singers/bands. 
But there is one band that means to me more than any other one.
It is called Tokio Hotel.
Four guys that once took my breath away, captured my heart and never let it go.

Time goes by, you grow up. Your personality transforms. Your priorities and tastes change.
But every person you know, every situation you've had to go through, every movie you've seen and every song you've listened to each holds a place in your heart and in your mind.
The place these four guys hold in my life is bigger than that of other musicians.
It is not about their personalities, looks or even music.
It is about having something to support me while growing up and going through the teenage years.
It is them I sought every time I felt down.
It is them I listened to countless days and nights.
It is them I was so far away from, yet felt so much close to.

Seven years. Not too little, not too much. So much have been done, so much to look forward to. The transformation from sweet boys to mature guys. The switch from one style to another. 
I love them any time. All the time.

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