Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy 19th birthday to me

Turning 19 is just like turning 18, and turning 18 is just like turning 17 and so on...
I am still a baby.
A whiny baby.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I will love you forever

The other day my mom found her friend from university on the Internet. They talked about their groupmates and it turns out many of them died. They weren't too old. Some were killed, others' lives went downhill and they became drug addicts or alcoholics. And, of course, some are successful people now.
It made me think of my own fellow students. What are we going to become? In 30 years, what will we have to tell each other?

I had a best friend in the town I lived in 7 years ago. We were inseparable. Last month she was hit by a car, but, thank God, she didn't get serious injuries. Still, she had to stay in the hospital for a week. I was shocked when I learned about this. Somehow it felt like nothing bad could happen to those I love but it could. And you don't realize how dear a person is to you, until something serious happens to them.

My friends, my groupmates, my classmates and I - we will all go our separate ways but we are now part of each other's life forever.

P.S. Sweet Aida, I love you. I may not tell you this, I may not myself fully realize this, but I miss you each and every day. In thirty years, I will love you just as much as I do now.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Три мальчика лет 10 прошли мимо меня. Они жевали жевательную резинку, не Орбит, не Дирол, а простую, которую все дети жуют.
Запах этой жевательной резинки вызвал у меня улыбку. Вспомнилось детство. Тот период, когда мне было 10 лет, когда у меня не было никаких забот, когда единственной проблемой был только выбор вкусностей в магазине. Какую жвачку купить? Или шоколадку? Альбени, Сникерс, КитКат... Сейчас в магазинах всё то же. Но ощущения уже не те.
Странно, такая мелочь. Мимо прошли мальчишки, а воспоминаний на весь день.